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Kettlethorpe High School year nine pupils and Elite Textiles Ltd are on a mission to make the Planet a greener place by the reuse of clothing.

Textile waste makes up a large percentage of landfill sites in the UK. The youngsters at KHS are involved in a competition named, Solutions to the Planet. They call themselves C4CC (Clothes for closer communities) and their aim is to see more of our unwanted clothing reach the African People, where they have little good quality clothing. C4CC who work with the Elite team on this venture would like as many schools in the Yorkshire area as possible to get involved in there Recycling mission.
Clothing Collections from Elite begin in March 2010 and schools receive 400.00 per ton of clothing they collect to spend as they wish.

Elite Textiles have teamed up with the Charity whose main focus is getting kids in Africa into education; after all children are the future of Africa.

The Clothes 4 Closer Communities team believes that they can make a difference and bring our two communities closer as a result of the work that we are doing.
Elite donates 50.00 for every ton of clothing collected to Aid2Africa, and hopes to raise enough funds for them to build yet another school in the near future.

Clothing collected will be sorted at Elites processing centre and exported to Africa to be worn again. Schools have the option of visiting the centre to see first-hand the grading process and bailing of the clothing and a talk will be provided to them at their schools if they wish.

The work that we do provides the access to quality used clothing in these deprived areas of Africa and supports the livelihoods of tens of thousands of African families.

If you would like more information or your school or community would like to get involved please contact the team on 01924 366400, together we can make a difference.



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