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Welcome to the Registered Charity website

100% of donations go to our work in Africa, the trustees cover all the admin costs

Virtually all of our children need regular financial support so they can go to school. The cost to add another child to our school in Kenya is £12 a month. This covers everything from tuition and two meals a day to uniform and exam fees. We have a 14  girls who are children at high risk of abuse living in our children's home, it costs £16 a month to keep them there.
However our sustainable project income reduces this by a third - our hope is that we will, by reinvesting part of the profit each year, make the school self financing in the foreseeable future.
Please consider making a monthly contribution to our work. Remember EVERY PENNY COUNTS.

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Above: Selphine in her Secondary school uniform. She is latest of the four girls we sponsor in secondary school. The local community is also funding some of our past pupils through Secondary School.

Very Sad News

it is with great sadness that we have to report the loss of three children in a tragic accident.
A young boy in the nursery section of the school slipped into a local stream, which was in flood, on his way home from school. His older brother tried, with another boy, to rescue the child. Sadly all three were swept to their deaths by the swollen stream. Their funerals were last  Saturday 28th November. We have expressed our sincere condolences to the two families that have lost such young children.
as if that was not enough tragedy, two of our staff at the school, Felix and Daniel, a security guard and the husband of the carer at the children's home were taken ill on returning from the funeral of a friend some distance away. Such was the illness that both died. Their funerals are this week. We have sent condolences but ask four your prayers for the school, it's staff, children and their families and the wider community that supports the school.

Peter and Edwina Wrigley on behalf of the trustees and supporters of the school here in the UK




Furniture in and being used!

New Dining Hall now under construction

13th July - finished waiting for floor to set ready for furniture to be delivered


work started Monday this week and these photos arrived Wednesday!


Update on what was achieved in 2014

During this year Aid2Africa has been actively working with our school in Kenya (Waymarks Education Centre, Moi’s Bridge, Western Kenya) to improve the life chances of the children and the community they live in.

The 200 children now access a level of education that even the local Education Office are proud of. The school was given a number of awards to mark the level of excellence achieved in state and national examinations. This has led to the school being awarded a grant for 2015 in recognition of the excellence they are now achieving. Not bad for a school full of children who, without the help of the charity, would not even be in education! It is a real accolade to the dedication of Maurice and the staff of the school.

During the year we were able to fund work on the school compound to further improve security of the site.

The James Murray Children’s Home continues to provide accommodation for 14 girls. 4 girls who are ex-pupils and were resident in the children’s centre are now being funded by the charity in a local secondary school. (up 1 on last year)

Again this year we have provided funding to purchase additional mosquito nets which were distributed in time for the spring rains when mosquito activity is at its height. The number of children who required medical care for malaria has fallen since we started funding nets a couple of years ago. We will continue provide nets to all children and staff at the school year on year as needed.

A good quality mosquito net costs around £4 in Kenya.

Each day the 200 children (and the staff) are offered a meal three times a day which for the vast majority is the only food they get each day. This was only twice a day in previous years but careful budgeting has made it possible to offer some food at the end of the school day this year. Uniforms are also provided and we have just funded track suits for all the children. This means that we now know that every child has more clothes than just their school uniform.

During the year funding has been provided to purchase books and a wide range of other educational resources including geometry sets!

New desks for the older children and three laptops were also provided early in 2014. The laptops are to enable the school to meet expectations at national level about basic computer skills.  In UK schools, we started pushing the same door to information technology 30 years ago.

Early in the year we drew up plans to build a staffroom and office which was constructed and commissioned in time for the final term of their school year in September.

At the heart of what we are doing is the desire to make the school self-sufficient so that it becomes less and less dependent on outside funding to survive.

As in the past we source as much as we can from the local economy. This includes school materials, food and any building work or furniture. By investing in the local economy the wider local community benefit. One aspect of this is the renting and cultivation of land. This year 40 acres have been under cultivation paid for out of last year’s profit, the remaining profit goes into the basic running costs of the school. The people who benefit are local farmers who are too poor to cultivate it properly. They have the skills to work the land and we have been able to help them earn a living from land that was either lying unused or being under productive because of lack of money. The wider community then benefits from the financial input into the community. It is great to see that in our support for the school it is not just the children that are beneficiaries.

This year to preserve the corrugated steel walls of the classrooms we have painted the outsides of all of them. We also paid to paint the inside of each classroom to provide a better working environment for the children and their teachers.

We have purchased a small parcel of additional land adjacent to the site which will provide some extra play area and also some more opportunities for the children to engage more with the life skills of growing your own food. As with other food grown on the site, it will be used to supplement the food supply in the school kitchen to enhance the children’s diet.

2014 was a very successful year with the school and we want to say a big thank you to all our supporters who make it all possible.

2015 is well under way and we will update developments as we progress through the year.

March 2015


  latest from Kenya
The damage caused by floods has been repaired and additional work carried out to reduce similar damage in the future. Two new toilets have been built and work stated on the Dining Hall on the 22nd June. Local funding has provided additional mosquito nets freeing up some of our funds for other things. We are looking to fund new tables and benches for the Dining Hall over the next couple of months.

If you fancy running a BBQ and asking for donations to send to us for these items it would be wonderful!

PW 28/6/15

2015 update

 This year we are funding the schools subscription to a national health care programme which will provide access to healthcare for all the pupils and staff at the school. This National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) started at the beginning of May and will cost KES 15,000.00 for the year's insurance. This works out at about 50p per person for a full years health cover.

This Year we are cultivating 50 acres of land to bring income into the school as part of the sustainable programme we run in Kenya.

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  The joint project between our school in Kenya and some linked schools here in the UK has started using the Ngara Crosses project materials from the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich see the February newsletter for the first instalment of the project.


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