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World Cargo International

This company delivers that "family" feel to the way they deal with customers. They have become actively involved with us as a charity

World Cargo International UK

 The Africa Guide 
where Africa comes to you

This site provides information about visiting Africa and also a list of links to charities working in Africa.


On this page we add links to websites that we feel have
something to offer and that is in keeping with the charity's objects

The charity, which is working in Malawi, Africa, needs enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer teaching assistants to help at a local primary school and nursery schools, volunteer doctors and nurses to help in a local health centre, and environmental volunteers to help with tree planting and other environmental projects

Mutasa Community Development Project

Aid2Africa cut its teeth with this organisation which has done a lot of work in the Mutasa District of Zimbabwe. It was from MCDP that was born


Zimbabwe Watchmen

a group of Zimbabweans who spend a lot of time praying for their nation and its current problems

 Careers for life International
an organisation working in Kenya to improve the life chances of children and young people

To break the cycle of poverty in Africa, access to clean water for drinking and water for irrigation must be improved. Pump Aid builds appropriate technology water pumps, that can be maintained by poor rural communities without any outside assistance.
These pumps provide clean drinking water and can also be used to sustain crops during the dry season or through periods when rains fail.
Pump Aid works mainly in Zimbabwe but is currently expanding operations into Malawi and Mozambique.





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