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WE DID IT - we abseiled down the Coventry Hill Hotel 13th June 2009.

This year Peter and three of the staff from Rugby High School took part and raised money for the children in Africa that the charity supports.

The fund raising event is organised by the Warwick based group

Pinnacle Challenge Ltd who specialise in

Professional team building and outdoor instruction

The 100 foot wall to abseil down for children in Zimbabwe


Naomi, Peter, Debbie, and Dave took part in the 100 foot Abseil from the top of the Coventry Hill Hotel on the 19th July 2008. 

...a big thank you to those who supported us particularly Ian, John and Christina and their gorgeous baby girl

Where will the money go? We want to raise money to build classrooms in Africa


Before the abseil....

over the edge...

coming down....


Safely back to earth


Coventry Hill Hotel
Raising money by abseiling 100 feet from the top of an hotel for children in Africa can be fun!
on the A45 - its tall!
100 feet tall

Raising money for children in Africa can be fun!Raising money by abseiling 100 feet from the top of an hotel for children in Africa can be fun!

Some of the photos are from Pinnacle Challenge's Website. The close ups at the top of the hotel were also taken by Pinnacle Challenge.

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